Wow. How messed up is that? It’s taken me a year or two but I’ve reached the 1000 entry mark. Damn. That’s a lot of mindless rambling on my part. I had planned on a “greatest hits” entry but I really don’t have the time to search through the entire journal for entries I remember enjoying writing. Well, there was that Harry Potter one

What I will do however, since Chris specifically asked me to, is to repost the list of places where Lauren and I have registered. We did that way back in March/April and people have probably forgotten… or maybe it’s just Chris, who knows. 🙂

Alrighty. First, let me just say that we registered at multiple places because the stores here in TX are different than the stores in NH and Canada. For example, we don’t have many Dillards Dept Stores up north. Here, they’ve all but taken over for JCPenny. That’s just an example. So, with that in mind we registered at places we thought would be in both regions and if worst came to worst, online as well. All these places can probably be found nearby and if not you can always order things online, which I figured all my techy friends would want to do anyway.

In no particular order:

Bed Bath and Beyond – Wedding Registry Page
Instructions: put my full name into the search box. we should be near the bottom, registry # 1033055.

Target – Registries Page
Instructions: same thing. Click “groom”, put in my name. Look for Lauren and I.

Dillards – “Find a Couple” Registry
Instructions: same as above

JCPennys – JCPenny Gift Registry
Instructions: Click “wedding on the left. Select “View/Purchase from existing registry and click next. At the top, in “Search by Registry number” put in “00140297” and click GO. Double check to make sure its ours.

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head. I’ll ask Lauren when she gets back on Sunday if we’ve registered any place else. She’s out of town at the wedding of our friends Liisa and Josh. Which, I should congradulate since they probably going to be married in about an hour or so. I’m sure they will be infinately happy together. They were made for each other.

Let’s see. Other than that everything is pretty much normal. Workin’, day in and day out. The new computer is working out well. Very slick system. I’ve had some random video issues but I’m pretty sure its just ATI sucking. They were fixed with a patch. I also picked up Star Wars: Jedi Academy the other day. Fun game. Same complete lack of compelling story just like the frist game but multiplayer is fun. I think it was a little short changed on features though. They added a few multiplayer game types but they’re nothing special. They also boast about how you can make “your own custom character and light saber”. Well, there’s about 5 different combonations you can make and most of them look pretty similar anyways. About the only cool thing in the addition of duel light sabers and double-bladed light sabers. I just wish they would have taken a little more time on the small things, like death animations. They’re pretty much limited to a) guy falls over backwards b) guy falls over forwards c) guy loses arm and falls either forward of backwards. Thats it. Now, lemme get this strait. I’m weilding a friggin light saber. A device that can cut through solid rock like butter. You’re telling me you couldn’t have come up with an animation for slicing through storm troopers more elaborate than “oops, his arm fell off”? Come on guys.

Oh well. Still fun multiplayer.

That’s pretty much it. Later.