Well, I went and got the keys for the new apartment this morning. Its very cool. The parking is a little sparse but I can deal. There’s also unfortunately a car-port right in front of the side of the complex I’m on so I won’t be parking directly in front of my apartment. I can however, park beside it and see my car from the bedroom window. I had a little trouble sorting things out with the rental office this morning. The keys they gave me didn’t work and neither did the gate openers. They reprogrammed the openers for me while a maintenance guy changed the door locks, so everything is working now. The gate is pretty weird though, it only opens on one side but its a double sided (two lane, in and out)gate. Although that could simply be my opener not working 100%. We’ll see.

As for the apartment itself, I don’t have any pictures to show yet but I can give you a mental walk through… As you come in, the kitchen is immediately to your right, separated by a bar. The living room is immediately to your left. Also on the left, through the living room is the “study” or second bedroom. Strait ahead as you come in the door is the dinning room (connecting to the kitchen on the right). Further in, there’s a large closet (for the washer and dryer) on the left and the master bathroom is on the right. At the end of the hall is the master bedroom and a huge (room sized) walk in closet. I’ll get some pictures soon.

Also, Jason just let me know that he’s flying into Intercontinental Airport on Friday morning. I’ll figure out some way to get him but for those of you who haven’t booked your plane tickets yet, please, for the love of god, fly into Houston-Hobby. Not Houston-InterCont. Hobby is much closer (only 10 minutes away) and I know it and the area pretty well. I don’t even know where INTC is.