Good morning true believers. When we last left Matt he was about to test drive a new Mazda Protégé. That test drive went very well and the dealership I was at bent over backwards to try and make me a deal. I’m ironing out the final details on Monday but as it stands now I’ll be walking away with a ’03 Protégé 5 for $2500 below dealer invoice. Sticker is $18,5 and invoice is $16,9. I’m getting it for $14,400 ($13 something before TT&L). Things are looking up.

We’ve put a deposit on an apartment (but I think I’ve already said that), my folks are floating me the down payment for the car, I’m both consolidating my loans and shopping for car insurance at the moment and lastly I’m shooting a wedding tonight. Joy!

The job is going well. There’s a high stress/work level but it’s what I really like to do. It’s exciting. I get to run around and take pictures all day. I’m going to get a new Dell to retouch on and we’re getting a new epson 4400 (roll feed super printer) and some seriously kick ass Ilford paper to do some printing in house on.

Just wanted to give everyone a quick update. I really want my damn computer. I can only get on this one once a week or so. I really want our own apartment so I can just set everything up and not have to a) sleep on a futon and b) not rely on others for food, shelter and transportation. Other than that I don’t really have any complaints. Everything else is working out really well.

I’ll let everyone know what’s going on with the car. I’ll probably even post a few pictures. Later.