Welcome to the new site. DocHoloday.com is up and running and if you’ve made it here you’ve probably already seen either my email or the redirect page. Liquidillusions.net is now 100% photography only. It’s what I’ll put on my business cards and bottom of my emails. This site will be the journal. It’s really sad that this had to happen. I’ve heard excellent arguments for the reasons that my journal and my portfolio should be separate and it’s for those reasons that this switch has been made, not for myself. I personally don’t see anything wrong with the two being together. If I give someone a link to my portfolio I expect them to view my portfolio and judge me based on my work. I don’t expect them to go all the way back to the main index, into my journal and then comment on it’s inappropriateness. I think that’s ridiculous. I have no problem separating professional and business from personal and private so I don’t see why other people do. Regardless, things have been moved on the off chance that something happens again and an employer somehow stumbles off the portfolio path as it were. I don’t like it but if it helps my job prospects it can’t be that bad.

So, here we are. Business as usual but in a new home. It took me a little while to get used to my first “dot com”. I was putting .net on everything out of habit. Now all we need to do is get Chip’s 2BitHacker up and running and figure out what on earth to do with Chris’ BlogProject.

In unrelated things, I’ve been trying to track down what exactly is happening with my damn mail. I haven’t gotten my subscriptions to either PDN or CommArts yet and I still haven’t gotten my diploma. I even had my mail forwarded at the Savannah post office so anything boarder line in terms of mail dates should have been forwarded here. But I’ve gotten nothing so far.

Also, in terms of job hunting, Lauren has gotten me some names and phone numbers in TX to start with and I’ve come up with my own list from AltPick.com and resources in PDN and BlackBook that I’ve found. I also had to tell Kim Case today that I was 50/50 on some dates later this summer to assist for her. I don’t know whether I’ll be in TX or not at that point, it all depends on jobs.

There are so many things going on and EVERYONE is trying to push me in different directions. I have too much on my plate and all I want to do is curl up and sleep. I don’t want to deal with any of it. I suppose that’s rather un-adult of me but it’s the truth. But I won’t stop, I’m working my way through it all, like I always do. Dealing with each problem as it arises. I just wish, for once, I had the peace of mind to sit somewhere and do absolutely nothing. I feel burnt out and I’m only 22. How sad is that. I really wish I was in TX, with Lauren, already married, living in our first apartment, going to work everyday and knowing that every night I was going to come home and be at peace. There would be nothing to plan, nothing to stress about, nothing. Yes, I’d have bills and yes I’d have responsibilities but they would all be on a schedule. My bills would be monthly annoyances instead of daily hassles. My life would be simpler and it’s that which I’m looking forward to. I have no rock in this storm, I have nothing to cling to. I’ve been swept into the sea and I’m waiting to land on my deserted desert isle.

Enough complaining for today. I think it’s time for a haircut, then perhaps the gym.

Matt out.