I’ve spent most of today in front of the computer. It was my job today to look up ideas for wedding favors for November. I found a few interesting things (cd cases, nifty wine glasses, etc) and a few cool things I’m thinking about getting for my groomsmen. I’ll probably get something a little different for everyone since I’m sure Chip wouldn’t like a cigar case that I would get for Nagle and Jason wouldn’t like a techy-screwdriver-pocketknife geek toy that I would get for Chris. You can all rest assured that you’ll all get some cool little trinket.

During my web surfing I of course made my way around to my daily reads in order to catch up. While reading HardOCP I noticed perhaps the coolest case mod I’ve ever seem. Here is a link to the forum thread. He updated the post daily to show everyone his progress so the 20+ pages are worth a read for the pictures if nothing else. Here is the finished project (about half way down).

This got me interested in the project I was talking to chip about before I left. I was dreaming up a really cool WWII inspired case. I’d like it army-green with bullet holes instead of a case window, red LEDs and bomber/pinup-girl nose art on the side. Following a link or two I came across this guy who specializes in cartoons of that variety. They’re pretty cool. What’s cooler is the gallery section of his website… which in turn inspired me to do something with Docholoday.com… which I will do as soon as I have my computer back.

So, now I’m inspired with two new projects… which I won’t really have time to do with a new job and without an apartment to work on them in… but I’ll keep the ideas on the back burner until September or so. Anyway, just thought I’d share.