I had a whole long and details post planned about what I’ve been doing for the past few days but something incredible has happened. I got an email yesterday from Ladd Photography in Houston and they want me to fly down for an interview as soon as possible. They have an eight day road trip planned for the end of July and they need to fill their full time position before then. They were very interested in talking to me and would like me to come down next week. So… I’m going to Texas.

What a mind job. I planned on going down the first week of August for a week or so to interview with various places but this is a bit short notice. The good kind of short notice. I’m going to assume that since they want to to come to Houston, and they know I’m in NH, that they’re not jerking my chain and that there’s a good possibility of them hiring me. If not, that’s a really mean thing to do.

So, I’m looking up plane tickets at the moment. Wow. Who knew. I don’t know if my plan will be to do a quick 2 day turn-around visit or if it makes more sense to get a one way ticket, stay for a little while and then come back when convenient to get my things (aka: my life in boxes).

Wow. I can’t really get over this, it’s a bit of a shock. I’ll try and keep everyone up to date when I can. Wish me luck.