Job searching mostly. Toss in a little house selling aggravation, a dinner or two, and you’ve got it. My life that is.

The job searching is going alright. Kim Case, out of portsmouth, seems interested in having an assistant. I’ve also applied for a web design job in bedford that I’m really hoping turns into something. To be honest, I feel a little better now than I did a few days ago. The NHPPA (New Hampshire Professional Photographers Assoc.) was very nice to me and nearly every member has suggested different people to talk to and different things to try.

I also unfortunately didn’t have a chance to get the redesign you see now up the 100% level yesterday as I had planned. You see, when you’re selling your house you’re at the mercy of these evil real-estate agents. They called at 11:45 to tell my mom they were coming at 12:30. She calls me at 12:00 and tells me to get out of the house in 20 minutes. Of course I’m in “job search mode” and I’m typing at the computer in my boxer shorts. It was a scramble but I managed to make it out and have lunch with Chip.

I was also told to “do something” for the afternoon since they were coming again at 3:00 and 4:15. Eventually the 3:00 got moved to 6:30 so I had to amuse myself all afternoon. Which I did over at Simpro with Chip and Dave. I brought Chip two hard drives, 30Gs worth total, to be used in Hindenburg (the web server) instead of the 80G I had previously given them. Turns out they don’t need that much space and that 30G will do just fine. So I get the 80G back to put into my machine, bringing my HD total to 180G. Nice.

After hanging out there for a bit we picked up Nick and took Dave with us and headed toward Bedford to drop Dave off. From there we headed to Methuen in hopes of eating and seeing a movie. We wound up only eating at the Macaroni Grill which gave me horrible indigestion the rest of the evening.

Boarders down the street had a copy of the new DJ Tiesto CD and my monthly dose of BPM Magazine which made up for my stomach disapproving of dinner.

So, there you have it. The job search is hopeful, the house selling is aggravating and I’ve got a new webpage design. Today’s plan is to finish the damn intro page, put something on the main page, and to get back to the job search.

Matt out.