Well, the excitement never ceases here in NH. Today there was a police stand off at the house at the end of the street. At one point I counted 6 Milford cruisers, 3 NH State Troopers cruisers, a few unmarked cruisers and, of course, the SWAT team. Apparently the guy down the street decided he didn’t want to be arrested today (they were serving him with an arrest warrant) and he grabbed a gun and holed himself up in his house. Six hours and a crap load of tear gas later, the guy was finally dragged out.

What was almost more enjoyable was the watching. I had a front row seat to all this. I was watching from the yard next door for the first half but once the SWAT team showed up they moved everyone a few extra feet back… so I sat on the bumper of the SWAT van with my camera.

I grabbed both the 35mm and my folks puny Nikon 2500. You can see the digital pictures here. They’re not much to look at but the film hasn’t been developed yet.

What was also pretty cool was that as soon as SWAT arrived, they closed off all the surrounding street, so I was one of the small group of people that were actually able to watch. The TV and newspaper guys were at least 2 blocks over. I was sitting right there in the front yard. It was cool. No one told me to leave, only to move back a little, so I did.

So, that was my excitement for the day.