Well, I’m back. We drove all night and we pulled into the drive-way at about 8am. I just woke up from a very well deserved nap. I already unpacked the car but was told not to bother putting stuff in my room since the house is on the market and is “being looked at” and everything needs to be clean and perfect. I remember when Chris was going through this… I’m not going to be a happy camper, I can tell already. Also, I can’t set up my computer. I’m using my parents shitty 333mhz with Verizon DSL. I can’t check my mail, I can’t play games and most importantly I can’t get my list of potential employers and their contact info. I’ll see if I can convince them to let me set it up. I also need to call Chip and see if I (and my PC) can crash at his house every once and a while so I can actually use the internet without a giant hassle.

Also, about the internet. They have Verizon DSL right… is it odd that they have to “sign on” like a dial up, user name and password and everything? I thought DSL worked just like cable and it was simple “on” 24/7. I guess I was wrong. So… since I obviously don’t have their user name and password, I can’t jack in on my side. Even if I split it with the router, how would I connect? Arg. So, no internet for Matt. This makes him very very angry.

So, in case I don’t post ALL FUCKING SUMMER… now you know why. Please, anyone who reads this, call me instead of email. I can’t get it until I figure out what to do about this.

The drive itself was ok. I was raining from D.C. to New York so that was a bit unpleasent. That’s about it. I’m going to go start the 30 loads of laundry I need to do. Remember… call, NOT email.

Later (hopefully).