Dropkick and Zombies

I feel I need to explain something. As odd as my array of music taste may seem to some, it far exceeds most expectations when I tell people that some of my favorite music on the planet is Irish punk/folk rock. Mainly the music of Flogging Molly and Dropkick Murphys. I love this stuff. A lot.

This is a preface to my next statement which is: the new Dropkick Murphy’s CD ‘BlackOut’ is incredible. Now, of course my feverish fandom of this band has absolutely nothing (*cough*) to do with my feelings toward this album. Actually, in complete honesty, it’s a great album. 99% of the population isn’t a big fan of Irish punk rock but for those who appreciate this type of music, this is a good one. I shall quote:

Time To Go

Go Go Go! Black and Gold!
Old-time hockey, bar the door
Clear the track, it’s all out war
Light the lamp, throw a hit, Black & Gold never quit
The barn is full, our team’s in town
So put’em up boys, knock’em down
Drop the puck, it’s time to go!

Bust outta work, it’s quarter-past five
Time to round up the gang and take the Red to the Orange Line
Head for the street and the Causeway crowd
You can feel it in the air when the team’s in town

Rancourt’s ready, it’s time to take the ice
So tie down the jersey ’cause it could get ugly tonight
Top corner, five-hole, off the post and in
On a quest for the cup, and we’re ready to win

Did I mention I’m a huge hockey fan? The combination of punk rock and a song about the Boston Bruins is like heaven for my ears. Did I mention these guys are from Boston? Perhaps I didn’t. You see, this, musically, is the combination of everything I love: Irish/Scottish themes, hockey and the best city on the planet, Boston. Hell, if you could make Irish-Boston-Hockey Techno I think I’d soil myself… but, until that happens, this is the best thing I’ve got. I enjoy it immensely.

I’m listening to it at the moment waiting for Chip who’s working on his HTPC. Later we’re going to take a bit of a war-drive up to some hydro-dam somewhere so Chip can do something magical with his computer skills and wireless thingys. Afterward we’re going to go see the new zombie movie 28 Days Later.

Now, like Irish music, I have to admit I have a soft spot for zombies. I laughed my head off the first time I saw Night of the Living Dead. I’m looking forward to a fairly updated cheese-fest with the worst looking fake zombies yet. If that sounds like an oxymoron to you you’d be right. I love these movies because they’re so horrible. There’s a distinct difference between bad movies and movies that are bad. It should be fun.

Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this or not but yesterday I mailed back my broken heatsink for replacement as well as a few other things (a package for Lauren and a copy of some of newspapers for Canadian relatives). Hopefully all that should be straitened out next week.

Matt out.


Well. There’s going to be some changes around here. Good ones I hope. First of all, my journal will no longer be here. Don’t worry, it’s not disappearing, only moving. Last night, after getting an email saying how nice my site was but that people are offended by my journal and talking with Lauren about it, I decided that perhaps they were right and that it’s not 100% professional to mix my personal life with a professional portfolio. That’s why I registered www.docholoday.com. My long time nick-name is finally going to get some use. As nearly all of you know, DocHoloday has been my online nick name since before highschool. I figured, what better name for a site that’s going to be 100% me and not about my work in the slightest. Liquidillusions.net will remain as it is with my photography portfolio only the splash page will change and no longer include the journal. You’ll all have to update your links and bookmarks. I apologize. Don’t do it just yet because there’s a bunch of work to be done to migrate to the new domain but it should probably be done this weekend. I’ll let everyone know when it’ll be finished. If you come back Monday and it’s not here, check the other site.

I will rant properly about the ridiculous level of political and social correctness that is more or less dictating this move later. I can’t stand PC and I’ll tell you all about it in great length once we move.

Also, as my last act of profanity here at LI.net, I would like to send a hearty F*You out to XoXide.com for royally messing up my $45 heatsink. My order came yesterday and when I opened the box, this is what I discovered (addition pictures 1 & 2). Look at how bent those coils are and the thing in my hand… that’s one that was broken off. That’s ridiculous. Of course, now I have to spend more money mailing it back, which is so wrong it defies description. Oh well… it’s not like anything can ever go right huh?

I’ll let you know what’s happening with the site. Later.

Fuck the Yankees

You know, I was going to try and do something cool for Lauren and take her to a RedSox game. So I look up the schedule and guess who they’re playing the week she’s here… yup, the fucking Yankees. Those games have been sold out for months and there’s no chance in hell of getting a ticket. The next games after the Yanks are, get this, in TX! Man, I have to have the best luck on the planet. wtf?


Well, it looks like I won’t be working this weekend, which puts me in a sore spot financially. Turns out the wedding that Kim is shooting this weekend is in Florida. She didn’t have the money to bring an assistant like she thought she would so no assisting for me this weekend. She did give me a few dates throughout the rest of the summer that she’d like me to work and I’m pumped for those but they’re unfortunatly not that many. Hopefully Dave Mendelson will give me a call and I’ll start shooting for him. I’m also going to give another lady in Portsmouth a call. I need something steady and everything photographer I’ve talked to says that the market is such crap that they can’t afford an assistant. I don’t like the sound of that. So, there’s my downer for the day.


The computer has been painted and finished. Technically it’s dry but needs 24-48 hours to “harden”. After putting a clear glossy coat on it I have to say I’m actually quite happy with it. It changes color nicely from jade green to royal purple. The heatsink hasn’t arrived yet so things aren’t put back together. What would be the point? Tomorrow I might put everything except the motherboard and cards back in (cd drives, power supply, etc) since everything would be dry and I’m sick of having it all sitting around my room.

Everybody’s gone to my brother’s baseball game so I’m sitting here alone reading my book. I just checked my email and a few folks have sent me emails and I appologize but I’ll have to get to them after I put everything together, which won’t be for a few days. Sorry.

That’s about it.