Last night was our first official wedding shower. Actually, Lauren had a lingerie shower last week but this was “our” first shower. Sula and Wayne, a very nice couple from church, put it on for us. It was actually a double-header and it was for Josh and Liisa as well (yes, thats the correct spelling of her name). It was a “tool and gadget” themed shower and we were given some wonderful gifts by our friends. A big thanks to everyone that came. I think Lauren is going to have an additional shower once she’s back in TX as well as her bachelorette party later in the summer. I get to look forward to my own bachelor party toward the end of the summer as well. There were all sorts of delicious snacks and some good friends so it was a pretty fun time. We even got a “hand truck”, also know as a dolly, for help with moving which I thought was a rather ingenious and back-pain-saving gift.

Today Lauren is working on a project on CAD and I have a shoot scheduled for 7pm. Sean’s friend, a jewelery major, has some pieces that she made that she’d like to have pictures of. I’m not getting paid but I am going to use them in my own portfolio if they turn out well. That should be interesting.

In the meantime I’m taking some pictures for personal vision since I have a critique on Monday. I’ve been really slacking in that class, not giving it my full 110%. Actually, at this point, its probably somewhere around 75%, so that’s not good. It’s not that I don’t want to do work, I’m just tired of school in general and I don’t really want to force creative ideas out of my head at the moment. Call it spring fever or senior-itis if you will, or call it the hockey playoffs, whichever works best for you.

That’s about it. Later.