Lets see, what to talk about… well, classes are going ok so I suppose that’s good. I had a reasonably good critique in Personal Vision on Monday and I’ll have a Fashion critique next Tuesday. I have one shoot semi-planned for this weekend and I hope to have another (possibly two) as well.

As always, I’m not quite settled on a new webpage design. I was so close to liking my new design then I come across pages that blow it away design wise and I get envious and go back and redesign mine again. It’s a never ending cycle.

The Matrix opens here tonight (although it’s not really supposed to). Technically it opens the 15th (tomorrow) so a 12:01am showing is completely legit but the theater here is showing it at 10pm. Something tells me they’re not supposed to do that. I would go except I’m in Savannah and going to an opening night movie here is retarded. Everyone that could possibly ruin a movie for someone else will be there tonight. “That guy” that’s talking on his cell phone, or “that girl” that won’t shut the hell up. I’m sure you know the type. Yeah, well, there’s an over-abundance of them here. Instead, we’re going to go to an early-afternoon matinée on Friday. I’m not sure how much better that will be but we’ll avoid everyone who’s at work and/or school that way.

Started really looking for work too. I’ve got a few places to look in New England and Lauren’s mom sent along a list of places near Houston. That should be a start. This is also the reason I want to spruce up the webpage as well. I’d like to make a good impression in that category and I don’t feel like the current page does that. Especially not with the way it’s split and more or less un-updated, with the exception of this page obviously.

News Item: Copy protection results in unplayable disk… umm, duh.

Lastly, this weeks desktop.

Icons: a mixture of Dirceu Veiga’s Comics and Everaldo’s Crystal.
Theme: Classix 10k Update
Wallpaper: ??? Can’t remember