Hey, guess who’s graduating with honors? Me! Weird huh? I guess my average was above a 3.6, so I’m graduating Cum Laude. We found out today when we picked up our caps and gowns at graduation rehearsal. There was this weird second gold colored tassel in my bag. Come to find out I’m not a moron after all. Cool huh?

Also, after graduation rehearsal we got a phone call from Lauren’s parents. They had taken Lauren’s grandfather to the hospital because they thought he was having a stroke. Turned out to be some leg spasm and a fractured foot, or something like that. That’s a relief. We unfortunately missed our dinner reservations since we were at the emergency room with Lauren’s family. We told my family to go ahead and eat since they had just driven 18 hours and were starving, so at least they got to enjoy dinner.

At the moment I’m cleaning up and getting ready for bed. Graduation seating starts at 8am tomorrow and the ceremony is from 10-? The commonly assumed ending time is approximately 3pm. We’re a graduating class of 950 this year so it should take a little while. I’m excited.

In case anyone is up between 10-3, the ceremony will be web-cast as well. Check SCADs site for details.