I’m a bit bewildered about my computer at the moment. If you’ll remember, a few weeks ago while Chip was here my computer seems to choke and die and needed a whole system tune-up/reinstall to get it working again. The final diagnosis of that whole ordeal was that a stick of RAM had gone bad. Now, just today, the system starting acting up again. For the moment it’s only acting up when I’m playing a game but it’s very disconcerting none-the-less. If I remember correctly, 90% of the error messages we were getting were “memory” related. It never really specified more than that. I’m starting to think it might actually be video memory. The problems all started last time when we were playing a game and continued every time something graphics related was even touched. It also could simply be a nVidia driver issue this time since I installed new drivers yesterday. What leads me to think it’s a video card issue is the fact that I’m typing this without incident from the on-board GeForce 2 that my motherboard has built in. I also just playing 2 levels of Red Faction as a “test” and it was rock solid. 30 minutes ago I couldn’t take 10 steps without it crashing. I’m going to try and roll back the drivers to 41.xx and see how it handles. If problems continue I may be in need of a second new video card. If you’ll remember back 8 months or so, my previous GeForce 4 crapped out on me after the long drive back to NH. I figured it was merely the stress of a 1200 mile driver with minimal padding for my case and called Gainward. They were very helpful tech-support wise and shipped me a new (and faster) card instantly as a replacement. So, could Gainward cards really be this flaky? We’ll see. If they were wouldn’t errors have occurred when I ran SiSandra (benchmark) after the clean reinstall? Or the thousand times I’ve played a game since then? There has to be some other variable that’s making the card unhappy but for the life of me I can’t figure out what it might be. We’ll try the drivers. If not then I’m at a loss this time. We’ve removed “bad” memory and now it’s happening again. It’s like cancer. If I cut one piece out it keeps coming back in different places. Very aggravating. That said, if it is the graphics card, I’d be in the unfortunate market for a new one. I can’t have this happening every 20 minutes. I have A LOT of Photoshop work to do this semester. So, since Gainward is obviously not going to be on the top of my shopping list, what do you guys recommend?