Is that even a real word? I’m assuming so since I knew how to spell it. Then again, I know how to spell recockulous and I know that isn’t a real word. So be it.

My critique on Monday went well. They liked the photos and thought my idea was sound. I thought it was a bit surprising since that class as a whole usually doesn’t like anything. All the better. They actually responded most actively to the humor. I guess when you change things on a drive-through menu to read things like “conspiracy burger with cold war tater-tots” it can only be taken in a humorous light. That, by the way, was in reference to Coke’s involvement with the CIA during the height of the cold war… not that the cold war itself was a conspiracy. Just to clarify.

I have another critique tomorrow in fashion. It should go well. I’m showing more of the mobster/fashion photos. They usually get a kick out of those.

Also, my check from SCAD finally worked itself out. I actually refrained from mentioning anything about this until now but for the past month I’ve been broke. Really broke. So broke I couldn’t pay the cable bill or my credit card. The reason was that SCAD didn’t deposit my money from the beginning of the semester. Then, instead of fixing the problem, they cut me a paper check… then promptly lost it. This time, check #3, actually made it into my hands. It was promptly deposited yesterday and should clear by tonight or tomorrow. So, Friday I can pay some bills. Thankfully my “student” credit card is lenient and my cable company is clueless so I should be fine. I also need to pay my roommate back for 2 month rent. He’s been very supportive, so I thank him for that.

Elsewhere, Lauren and I are making plans for the days following graduation. The tentative plan is for my family to bring my stuff home, for me to drive to TX with Lauren and then for the two of us to fly to NH for a little get-together/engagement party/grad celebration. Of course those in the area are invited.

I also fixed QuickTime last night. I have no idea what the problem was but every time I tried to watch the new Matrix trailer (or anything for that matter) it would lock up the system solid. I uninstalled, reinstalled and changed some options and it seems to be working now.

I’ve also been trying for the past week to get Brittney’s computer up and running. She purchased a new mobo, an Athlon xp-2700 and some memory and the motherboard refused to cooperate. It was the Asua A7N8X deluxe and at first it simply refused to recognize the processor and gave POST errors to the tune of “wrong/different processor installed”. Then it refused to boot all together. It was rather annoying. After searching online it became apparent that TONS of people were having this problem. Only a handful fixed it and those that did didn’t know what they did, it just magically started working. We sent the board back. There’s a Gigabyte one on the way as a replacement.

Lets see, what else? Oh, X-Men opens on Friday. I’m probably going to go see that since Friday is Lauren’s bridal lingerie shower and the groom isn’t invited. Then the Matrix opens on the 15th, looking forward to that.

I’ve also got a huge list of things to do and not enough motivation (and/or time) to do them all. In no particular order:

-Find a job
-Pack things for home, sell and/or trash the rest
-Finalize portfolio
-Buy a portfolio book
-Redesign website
-Make website into an interactive CD to send along with portfolio
-Find a job
-Shoot 4 weeks worth of photos
-Finalize some wedding plans (invitations, photographer, etc)

I don’t know. It seems like so much. Some times I want to crawl into a little hole and not come out until my life is simpler. Sometimes I work well under pressure and things turn out really well. I’ve always been positive and I’ve always tried to “looking on the bright side of life”. Things usually turn out alright in the end. It’s just a bit scary at the moment.

Alright. Time for some food. Later.