Yesterday I took a few hours and had a little shoot in the studio. I say “little” because the only person that volunteered to come down was Jason. Not that Jason is little in any way, just that it was a poor turn out. I also asked Liisa this afternoon if she’d be willing to have her picture taken. She said yes but that she was busy today and tomorrow and that next weekend would be a better time. This is why I hate 10 week semesters. The average professional photographer would have at least a few weeks to plan his shoot, I have 2 days. A professional photographer would be asked by the client to create such-and-such a picture and then be given a deadline a month away. This allows for planning, equipment prep/acquisition and time to find a model and location for the shoot. You can be flexible. If a model is busy on Tuesday, no problem, shoot on Friday. I don’t have that luxury. I got this assignment on Thursday, it’s due Tuesday. It take 1 day to get film back and scan it (Monday) so that leaves us with Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If you plan your shoot on Friday, the model is busy Saturday and they don’t process film on Sunday, this doesn’t leave much of a window to get a shoot done. Still, I’m grateful to Jason and anyone else I’ve used as a model for their willingness to step in front of the camera and for working with me on various things. I just wish we had a more open ended schedule around here.

Not really that much else to talk about. Lauren and Liisa are downstairs talking about who’s going to be invited to the wedding shower and I’m upstairs being groggy from the Excedrin PM that I took last night. Anyway, today I’m going to start my Photoshopping work and see how much I can get done. Monday will be pretty much the same. If things turn out well, I’ll post links to’em.