Thought it might be a good day for some random linkage.

First, for Chip, I came across a story on Neowin about a “CarPuter”, thought it might be worth a read.

From CNet, Judge rules file-swapping tools are legal. Wow. I seriously didn’t expect that one.

From the Reg, Apple and AMD working together. A snipit: So what can we read into this little interchange? Certainly there have been rumours aplenty in the past concerning Apple’s possible migration to the x86 world, and AMD’s x86-64 technology – now officially known as ‘AMD64’, by the way – in particular. We’ve always found such claims incredible, given the considerable difficulties of managing the migration users and software developers to a new platform. Yes, Apple is a past master at this, witness the 680×0 to PowerPC shift, but don’t underestimate the effort involved. It sure sounds nice. Hopefully something good might come of it.

Also at the Reg, Verizon loses RIAA piracy case. This does not bode well.

Full Throttle: Hell On Wheels Screens. Oooh. Nifty.

Y’z Dock 0.7.5 released. Memory problems are now fixed. Mostly.

That’s about it for today. I’ve got to go scan some negatives. Later.