I figured I should update and mention what I’m up to. At the moment finals are in full swing and I’ve been working on that for a good majority of my time. I have a shoot tomorrow and hope to have another this weekend. I’ve also been cleaning the apartment a lot and trying to clean up my hard-drive a little. I’ve yet to find the time to work on Chris’ logo for his new page design, so apologies go out to him. I also haven’t had the time to work on my own design. My plan is to completely redo the site over Spring Break. I also plan on finalizing my portfolio and compiling a list of places to send it. My schedule for the next few days is pretty strait forward. Tomorrow, I shoot, Thursday I print, Friday I shoot, Saturday I print. Sunday I relax. Monday is up in the air and is being saved as a “safety day” in case I don’t finish things over the weekend. Tuesday I present one portfolio, Wednesday I present the other. Thursday I’m done and I can relax.

I probably won’t have much time to update in the next few days so I apologize for that. Ok, time for sleep. G’night.