Yesterday in a bid to help out Lauren’s roommate I purchased a D-Link (DI-604) router. My logic was that if she only needed a hub to create herself a little LAN then I could let her use my hub and get myself a router, which I’ve always wanted. This way I could be helping her out, eliminating the cost of an extra IP address and keep my network all at the same time. So, I brought it home, set it up in under 10 minutes and was good to go. Everything works fine, I even have my Win2k/RedHat machine hooked up again. I am having one small problem and I figured I’d ask if anyone has had similar issues or would have any idea what it could be. Ok, while everything works fine from a browser point of view and I can get fantastic download speeds (like I usually do) when downloading things from a web site, as soon as I turn on DC++ or Trillian everything grinds to a halt. Usually in DC++ the hubs won’t even connect and if they do they’ll time out after a few minutes. I’ve tried switching DC++ to “passive” mode which is recommend for being behind a firewall and no luck. I don’t understand why everything is working fine except for a file-sharing program. If anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Also in internet land, Chris will be redesigning his page soon and asked for some spiffy graphics for it for which I was more than willing to help. He should be sending me an email shortly with his basic ideas. I also plan on redesigning mine, hopefully with the help of Nagle and Chip in a week or so when we’re all hanging out for spring break.

Chip should be driving down the 15th or so and staying until the middle of the next week. It should be great fun. I don’t think Chip’s ever seen Savannah, or if he has it’s been quite a while. It’s an interesting city to say the least.

As for me today I’m working a paper for Shakespeare and cleaning the apartment. Afterwords I’ll try and plan my shoots for tomorrow. I plan on setting up in the studio and not leaving until I’ve photographed at least 5 people. Hopefully I can actually find 5 people I know in the building. It’s finals though, the building should be packed.