Since politics is one of the things we’re encouraged not to talk about at parties and social gatherings I figured this might be a good time to voice my opinion since there are no parties or social gatherings to ruin with my blatant disregard for social graces.

I guess I’m not so much annoyed at as I am confused by politics. Surely President Bush has gotten the message that everyone except himself and his cronies wants to avoid war? He must know it. There have been bigger anti-war rallies than there were during the later years of the Vietnam War. I kind of feel bad for the guy. To not even be the real president and then to have support for your campaign crumble under your feet must be disheartening. There was even a US diplomat that’s resigned that I simply need to quote:

“Throughout the globe the United States is becoming associated with the unjustified use of force. The president’s disregard for views in other nations, borne out by his neglect of public diplomacy, is giving birth to an anti-American century.”

Jebus, this shit is going to go on for months. Let me tell you how I see it playing out, and it’s in two different scenarios. Hopefully what will happen is that the new UN resolution won’t pass this weekend and they’ll extend their deadline to vote until next week, then that won’t pass but by then even the British will have pulled out their support for military action. The president will be facing such global opposition to military conquest that he backs down and this saga is stretched out for decades in political spats with the middle east. That’s a hopeful scenario. If the thief-in-chief gets his way he’ll declare war on Monday, say “fuck off” to the UN on Tuesday and start bombing shit by the end of the week. We’ll flatten Iraq in about a day and a half but at a terrible price. Chemical weapons, nuclear weapons and more all have the possibility of being dropped either by factions in the middle east on our troops or after being smuggled into the country and detonated here. Either way the loss of life would be enormous. After that’s somewhat resolved we will have lost all relations with North Korea AND Iran, who both have nukes and that could destabilize most of the globe leading to WW3. Wouldn’t that be fun? That would start up a new draft and I’d have to put down “conscience objector” and move to Canada.

I hope that all that doesn’t happen because I just can’t see military action turning out well. It just won’t. The UN resolution won’t pass, France and Russia have already said that they would veto any vote that passes. My only question is this: if Bush is so completely and totally convinced about the “evilness” of Hussein and that he needs to be removed from power for everyone’s safety, where’s the proof? There must be something that Bush has seen but we haven’t. Aerial photos of nuke plants, video of Saddam killing civilians himself, an audio tape of him talking with Bin Laden, something! Apparently we’re too stupid or liberal minding for the administration to show it to us. OR they’ve got nothing and are simply using prior middle east tensions as a starting point and 9/11 as a shield and going after someone they simply haven’t liked since ’91. Yes, Saddam is a douche-bag, yes he has weapons, yes he’s a dictator and kills people randomly. Bush is also a douche-bag, Bush has bigger weapons and the only reason another country hasn’t invaded for “humanitarian reasons” is because the US government doesn’t randomly kill it’s civilians.

See, this would all be solved in about 20 minutes if I were president. I would invite Saddam to the white house and have a wrestling match on live TV for bragging rights. I win, you disarm. You win, I leave you alone. Then we’d both go out for a drink and talk about what morons our Secretaries of State are. That’s it. That would be my brand of diplomacy. I’d continue this policy in various forms until the world was a safer place. For example, I’d invite the Prime Minister of North Korea over for some ice-cream and talk about what happened last night on Fear Factor. Then I’d ASK HIM why he feels that he needs nuclear weapons. If he can’t give me a clear answer, I’d take his ice cream away. It’s really simple folks. If your world leaders are acting like a spoiled 12 year old, treat them like one.

Then again, if I were president, hockey would be the national sport and we’d all have Fridays off. But that’s just me. Anyway, those are my completely unfounded, non-fact-based opinions. Most of you probably disagree with them and that’s ok. I just want more justification for war and war as a complete last resort. I want to know exactly whats going on and WHY we think it’s necessary to start blowing shit up, other than to prove the size of our political wang to the world. Otherwise I don’t think war is justified. I also like hockey. But that too is my opinion. Take it or leave it.