Well, finals are coming to a close and I have to say that this semester, besides being frustrating wasn’t a half bad one. No more unwelcome guests staying on couches, good classes, a reasonable amount of work, not to many headaches. I am more than a little disappointed in my photography this quarter however. I don’t feel I accomplished all I set out to do. I’ve talked about this with Lauren, Jason and my professor Jenny and they all feel that while the work isn’t fantastic it’s very far from “bad” and that I did what I needed to do. There’s only one way to work through some sort of creative “block” and that is to keep working at it and carry on doing what you’re doing. By giving up you never get over it and by trying to work through it there’s a larger chance of finding a solution.

At any rate, I think my work is so-so this semester. Other people who have seen it disagree and think it’s fantastic so I guess it isn’t so bad after all. I also expressed my concerns to my class and everyone was very supportive and I got some nice compliments. 1 final down, 2 to go.

Tomorrow I have my last critique in Portrait class. I feel less confident about my work in Portrait than I do in Personal Vision but I also care less so it sort of evens out. I don’t “need” a good grade in Portrait, it’s only an elective, and I don’t think I’m going to get a bad grade but I also know I’m not going to get an A. That’s fine, I don’t think I did A level work, I wouldn’t deserve it. At any rate, that critique is tomorrow and that’s all I have to suffer through.

Thursday all I have to do is show up to both classes and then I’m done. In Shakespeare I have to show up and write a paragraph essay-type answer to a question yet to be determined. I’m not worried about that in the least since I have a solid A in the class and couldn’t really loose it if I tried. After that I only have to show up for personal vision to see the last of my classes work. It should be good. Afterward I come back and spend time with Lauren before her plane leaves on Friday. Saturday Chip arrives and Spring Break begins.

We don’t really have any “plans” as far as Spring Break goes. I’d like to go to Savannah Smiles once if everyone is up for going. Chip also seems to want to go to Hilton Head which I’m also up for. As for the rest of the week, I’d like to get my network card working on my Linux box and finish Splinter Cell and Command and Conquer. I’ll of course take Chip around to see all the splendor that is Savannah… after the tourists leave of course. St. Patrick’s Day here is insane and I’m told it’s the 2nd or 3rd largest celebration in the country, behind only New York and Boston (of course). I don’t quite understand how there are so many irish people in Savannah but I’m guessing it’s probably for the cheap liquor.

That’s about it. I had some random links to share with you guys too but no one ever reads them anyways so what’s really the point? I’ll let you know how things go and I’ll mention what I’m up to this coming week once Chip gets here. Oh, and there might be a website redesign somewhere in there too. We’ll see. Later.