This week, after raising the US’s Terror Alert Level to orange and the US Army’s alert from Alpha to Bravo, reports are cropping up about possible terrorist activities. So much in fact that US citizens are urged to buy duct tape, batteries, plastic tarps and 3+ days worth of food and water. The cause for concern seems to be a new Bin Laden tape calling for a Holy War against all who stand against them. It also mentions plans to inflict as much damage to the general population as possible. This has most people worried. I agree with most of them. Part of me believes 90% of this to be pre-war bolstering from both sides and the other part of me is scared shitless. This isn’t to say that I’m making a run to Walmart for batteries but I am a little concerned. The alleged intended targets this time are two fold: a) civilian utilities such as transportation systems, electric, phone and water and b) “soft targets” or targets that will be undefended but still create a heavy loss of life such as apartment complexes, sporting events, public buildings, etc. Now, I don’t believe Savannah GA to be a target for anyone but I do live rather close to one of the largest military bases in the area. There’s really no reason (*knock on wood*) to be frightened since regardless of my worry things will happen or not happen. My concern would do nothing to change that. I’m looking at this like any other storm that causes concern. You take the necessary precautions and evacuate if necessary. I’m probably freaking myself out more than anything. Hopefully our government wouldn’t drop the ball in terms of intelligence like they did a little over a year ago. They knew something was going to happen in September, but they didn’t tell us because they didn’t know the specifics. Hopefully they’d let us know this time if they had anything substantial. Then again, in order to avoid mass hysteria who knows what they’d suppress. All I know is that we’ve been warned, we should prepare and that the government has already taken precautions to protect themselves… doesn’t that tell you something. Anyway, you might want to check every once in a while to make sure something hasn’t gone horribly wrong. You might also want to read some of the related articles I linked above, just to have some idea about what’s going on. All I know is that at the first sign of trouble, I’m heading north and I’m taking my girl and all the ammo I can carry. (note, that was for metaphorical purposes, I don’t own a gun).

Sleep tight.