Not much going on with me. Classes and the usual. This week is both Valentine’s Day and Lauren’s birthday. We’ve come to agree over the years that going out on Valentine’s Day doesn’t make any sense, so we avoid it at all costs. We go out for Lauren’s birthday instead and don’t have to put up with any ungodly dinner crowds. So, for V-Day we’re staying home. I picked up some ribs and veggies to roast in the oven and plan on making Lauren a delicious dinner… she loves ribs. She in turn, is making me Emeril’s famous “kicked up” macaroni and cheese. It has 6 cheeses folks! It’s mighty tasty.

Saturday night we’re trying to get a large group together to go out for dinner and then back to the piano bar. It was a lot of fun last weekend and we figured we’d give it another shot this weekend.

Sunday I suppose will be my work day and I’m going to try and organize a shoot. I want to use the elevator at Montgomery Hall because it’s huge, steal and really creepy. It would be a great location for a shoot.

Speaking of classes, I registered for next semester yesterday. I’m taking Fashion Photography, Personal Vision 2 and History of Media. I’ve always made fun of the fashion kids because they quite honestly bug the shit out of me but Lauren made a good point the other night saying that it would teach me to “work well with other people” and hopefully help me in my model direction skills. In the fashion class you’re pretty much forced to use the fashion kids as models and so, since I don’t like them, this would teach me how to deal with stupid people on a better level. Usually my first reaction is to beat them with the nearest available blunt object but I’ll have to suppress this and actually “learn” how to deal with working with people I don’t like. I think it’ll be helpful to my career. If I can put up with these kids I can put up with anyone, or so my theory goes.

Oh, last thing. Chris would be interested to know that the new PVD album has a killer bonus DVD that has hours of great stuff. An hour long video montage set to the songs on the CD as well as separate MTV style music videos for a few of them, a documentary and interviews with the man himself. It’s pretty cool. Check it out.

That is all.