Well, it was a fun weekend. Ultimate frisbee was just what I needed on Sunday. Afterward I convinced Nagle to go out to dinner with me and Lauren. It was nice, we should definitely plan on doing that again. Nagle’s been saying that he’s been bowling a lot lately so maybe we can work that into it.

Monday (yesterday) we had the day off for Martin Luther Kings birthday. It’s taken as quite the serious thing down here so there was no mail and no school. That in itself was nice since that meant I had a 4 day weekend. So, instead of working or doing anything remotely constructive, we borrowed Nagle’s copy of the Godfather trilogy and watched that. Actually we only watched the first two. Six hours of the mafia were quite enough for us for one day.

Having not worked this weekend, that kind of puts me in a tough spot for Thursday. I have a “work in progress” critique and to be quite honest theres no work in progress. I’ve been waiting on my film and flashes. Some of it came yesterday via FedEx so I’m shooting tonight. Hopefully I can get and interesting combination of natural light, street light and camera mounted flash. I really wanted some “magic light” pictures but the sun is already going down so I don’t think that’ll happen. Oh, magic light, for those of you who don’t know, is the period of time between late-afternoon and dusk OR between sunrise and morning. It’s those 1 hour periods of time, at the moment somewhere around 4pm and 6am, that have that perfect golden colored light that makes skin glow with a fantastic luminosity.

Sorry, got all artsy on you for a moment there. Anyway, that’s what I’m doing tonight. I’ll be pulling Lauren, Brittney and Jason outside at various times of night to try and get a few rolls of film shot. I’ll also ask Jason if I can use his digital camera. These are only “working ideas” that are being critiqued so digital is perfectly acceptable. Tomorrow I’ll turn in the film for developing around 8am, come back, sleep a little more, go pick up the film and head down to Burgen to make contact prints. From there I should be good to go. I’ve also got to plan a bigger shoot for this weekend. I’m thinking a travel strobe pack and the beach. It should be fun… if I can pull it together.

That’s all from this end. Later.