I: If I was/when I am a DJ, I would open EVERY set with Coast to Coast’s “Home”. I would also close each set with Bedrock’s “Heaven Scent”. That’s just how things like that are supposed to work. Period.

II: KFC confuses the fuck out of me. I go to get some chicken tonight and ask for the “chicken strip meal” only to be informed that the “meal” doesn’t involve a side or a drink. The “combo” however, does. Now, is it just me or does “combo” sound like “one or two items” and a “meal” sound like, well, a “complete meal.” Apparently I’m backwards. When I hear “meal” I expect certain things, something more than chicken and a biscuit being one of them. Whats also funny is that the “meal” and the “combo” are only about $0.50 different in price. Why even offer the “meal”? Why not just call it “chicken and a biscuit” and be done with it. Apparently thats too complicated. Silly chicken people.

III: Have you ever tried to find a piece of dialog or spoken word to start off a mix or a techno track? It’s harder than it seems. Try finding a sound clip of Audrey Hepburn or Jack Kerouac or something. Not so easy is it?

IV: I got my picture taken today with a ring light. I was nearly floored when my teacher let us in on the secret that we had one. I nearly wet myself. A ring light is the coolest thing EVER for those of you who are mildly interested in photography. It’s a light that sits AROUND the lens to your camera, not on the top of it. It gives a beautiful, warm, flat light with no distortion, no glare and no shadows. Its perfectly even in every direction and makes sink tones absolutely glow. They’re also really fucking expensive.

V: To elaborate, the photo shoot went well today. Matt (not me, a kid in my class) was actually taking pictures of me. I obviously wasn’t able to see how they looked in the camera but the lighting was great (see above) and I’m a sexy beast so I’m sure they came out great. I told him that if they did come out well I’d need to get a copy of them. So, if they turned out well, I’ll be sure to share’em with you guys. In other photo news. I ordered film from B&H today and plan to shoot this weekend but I don’t know what of yet. Wish me luck.

VI: I’ve also decided that I need one of these. Why? Because I do.

VII: I’m working on a new web page design for the page that you’re looking at this very moment. Surprised? Probably not.

That is all.