Well, today it seems I’ll be spending all day with my family. My brother is home from school and they seem to want to take me out to dinner for my birthday. I asked for Longhorn, Olive Garden or The Outback. My brother had the idea of seeing Lord of The Rings as a family since no one other than me has been able to see it. I don’t really mind seeing it again, it wasn’t too bad. I think we might be going to Outback since it just happens to be next door to the movie theater. We’ll see though.

I also talked to my mom about getting the Clie and she seemed to think it was possible but I would have to use the money my grandparents sent me for Christmas as well. I figured as much and had actually planned on doing that anyway. So, I’m looking up places with the best prices. So far CompUSA is winning with $299 but SonyStyle.com has it for $349 and a free leather case. CompUSA seems more realistic. We’ll see what happens.

Matt out.