Well, another birthday come and gone. I’d like to thank Lauren and Nagle for calling me and wishing me a happy birthday, my Aunt Lisa for saying she’d make me cookies and Chris and Josh for taking me out to get some dinner and drinks. Chip was nice enough to invite me to dinner last night which was also tasty although he disappeared today. I wonder what happened to him? It wasn’t such a bad birthday. I woke up to my parents being gone to a hockey tournament and a vague note saying they “might” be home for dinner. So, rather than waiting on them I gave Chris and Chip a call. Chris came over soon after and we decided to see if Josh was in town as well. We couldn’t get a hold of Chip so just the 3 of us headed off to Nashua. We stopped at Newbury Comics for a little while before heading to Margaritas on Main St. After dinner we stopped back at CompUSA so Josh could buy a copy of Tony Hawk 4 for the XBox which we then drove home and tried to play. TH4 is nearly unplayable on the XBox do to the size of the controller. We ended up playing something else instead before Chris and I called it a night and headed home. Believe it or not, that was around 9:30. I’ve been watching TV on the couch since I got home. So, it wasn’t such a bad birthday after all. My parents offered to take me out to dinner tomorrow so that good. I didn’t even get a card from them though, which is kind of disappointing. I’ve gotten over it.

Well, that’s about it. Not much else to say. “Another day older and deeper in debt” as the song goes. G’night.