Well, all sorts of things have been going on the past few days. I won’t bore you with mindless details (although you’ve probably come to expect that). Let’s see… I’ve shot some film, finished a project for class, started another project, got half-way through my website redesign (only content left), played the Doom 3 leaked Alpha (holy heck!) and played even more Mafia. It’s actally one heck of a game. Think GTA3 only durring the 1930’s and with the mob instead of gangs. It’s got everything from tommy-guns to old cars to a great sound track. Here’s a quote for the site:

The player assumes the role of a gangster in an American city of the 1930s, and gets a chance to live through gangster’s rise and fall. In a spell-binding story of human hunger for power, he will experience everything that was taking place in the underworld during this stormy period: high-speed car chases, bootlegging, assassinations, and bank robberies.

I could ramble on and on about my daily routine but most of you probably don’t care about what I had for lunch so I won’t bother. It’s just classes, work, classes, more work and that’s about it.