With the exception of the other day I haven’t really done any big “links” post lately. I figured I’d take the opportunity to mention a few things that I enjoy, can’t live without or just find interesting in general.

First up is Y’s Dock. It’s simply THE BEST Mac OSX Dockbar for Windows XP. Currently in 0.3 beta it’s already past my two previous favorites in terms of dockbars. It’s insainly fast, clean, super easy to use and doesn’t take up much memory. If you’re like me and enjoy a OSX theme for you desktop then this is a perfect addition to your collection. Official Page here.

To go along with Y’s Dock, you’ll need icons in PNG form. In that case you should check out Clotz Icons. Now, these aren’t officially released by their authors for technically Clotz shouldn’t really be doing this but since he’s taken the time to convert a great deal of these from ICO to PNG, I’ll mention the link anyways. Otherwise you’d have to convert them yourself from your favorite icon collections or find them somewhere else. Link.

Moving on, if you’re looking for techie news, look no further than GeekNews or Neowin. Each have their upsides and downside but they both cover the world on electronic news fairly well. Of course if you actually want to read the sources that they’re quoting you should probably read The Register or CNet News… but who has time for that 🙂

Speaking of The Register, this story appeared today and I couldn’t think of a more perfect example to demonstrate my discust over the direction that Microsoft, Intel and their lackies are going to take the computer industry. It’s about how the XBox Live service is banning unique XBox IDs for life if they’ve been modded. See… now do you people believe me that hardware IDs are going to doom us all? Can’t you see where this is headed? I digress…

I have addictions… they are bad. Please help.
Civ 3… again.
Neverwinter Nights …please, someone stop me now.
Natural Selection … funtastic!
Subspace …it’s like Highschool all over again!

That’s about it for now. I’ve got to get back to my finals. As a personal update, I’ll be heading home for the holidays next week. I’ll be sure to let you know more about my exact schedule once it gets ironed out but I can say for sure that I’ll definatly be home by the end of next week. That means I’ll be looking to hang out with you good folks from NH that weekend. Get the hint? Later.