I would like to take a moment and send a big “fuck you” out to whatever ass-hat decided to stock a downtown gas station with horrible near-death causing hot-dogs. Fuck you sir and the ass-hat you rode in with.

You see, I have food poisoning. How do I know? Because I’ve had it 5 times and this is by far one of the most “fun” experiences a person can have. It’s right up there with getting your teeth knocked out by Tie Domi. I’ve been puking since 2am and there’s no end in sight. I’m doing my best to do nothing. I’m eating salteen crackers and drinking ginger-ale graciously provided by my wonderful Lauren. Who, without being asked, stayed up with me all night to make sure I was ok. I love her. She’s the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

But, what about your classes Matt? Interesting point but I’d have to say that they’ll just have to get along without me for once. Lauren went downtown to ask my History professor (my 12:00) how many absences I’ve had (we’re allowed 4 max, 5th one and we fail the class). I think I had 3 which means I have one to burn and I’m in the clear. I also have a 3:00 photo class but the odds of me staying for the whole thing are next to nothing. Optimally I’ll walk in, drop off my stuff and walk out. Worst case scenerio, I’m out by 5:30. Depending on when I get out is when I’ll leave. I’m pushing for 6-7 as a leaving time mostly because I want to say goodbye to Lauren and I want to make sure I’m rested enough to drive 18 hours without sleep.

I’ve only packed clothes at this point, puking kind of but the kabosh on any more packing last night. I’ll pack up the computer either after “lunch” (more crackers) or when I get back. It’s pretty much the only thing I’m taking. A bag of clothes, my ‘puter and accessories and myself. It should be enough to only fill the back section of the car leaving me the whole middle seat to turn into a bed. Actually, that’s a fantastic idea. Anyway, my dad gets here in about an hour and so I should probably be disconnecting this thing. I’ve got to find my graphics card box. I always take out my GeForce 4 when I move the case any further than across town. The last time I left it in it got bounced around and a few of the sodder points snapped.

Alrightly, wish me luck. Later.