No, I’m not talking about a new video game. I’m merely trying to save time and squeeze a full update into a few short sentences. So, for the moment, savor these mere bits and pieces of an update and be assured I’ll update in a more robust fashion as soon as time permits. That said…

-The website went over well in class. Actually, better than well, everyone loved it (as far as I could tell). I apparently have 1337 skillz.

-I love my car. I probabaly haven’t mentioned that in a while, but I really do. It’s just so much damn fun to drive.

-I’ve decided not to bring back my newer, more powerful coputer with me on break. There’s not really any point. The old one is fast enough to play CS, check email and surf the web. That’s all I really need. Plus it will save a whole lot of room in the car this way.

-Kazza users are morons and apparently bitter when they don’t get their way. Just a few minutes ago I was messaged with 6 seperate notes which contained the following: “hello”, “you have , I want it”, “why won’t you share with me?”, “Are you blocking your files?”, “Fine, feel my wrath!”
At that point, McAfee popped but saying I was being infected with W32/Pate.b but that it had blocked it. I didn’t take kindly to that. I pulled out NeoTrace, traced his IP and contacted his service provider. The sad part is, the only reason he didn’t get to download a file is because my que was full. What’s the world coming to?

-I went to Tony Roma’s tonight with Lauren and Brittney. It’s this BBQ and rib place downtown. Damn it was tasty.

-Soldier of Fortune 2 sucks, Mafia is so-so, Hitman 2 is so-so and Neverwinter nights is my fantastic new addiction.

-Classes going well. Photo’s are coming fast and furious. Ok, not fast and furious but they’re at least turning out well.

-Lauren bought me Jelly Bellys today. I love Lauren 🙂

-I have to print A LOT this weekend.

-I’m broke but I just got a new loan approved.

-I’m sleepy.

That is all.