Well, almost another month has passed and Mellissa is still living on our couch. It’s gotten rather silly at this point. Everytime I think about it I keep thinking how we’re doing a “nice thing” and how she doesn’t have any place to go and blah, blah, blah. Then I here other things, or see other things that just piss me off to no end. For example, last weekend Mellissa and Brittney went to a movie. On the way to the movie Mellissa apparently cashed her entire pay-check and said something to the effect of “this is the last pay-check I’m going to spend frivelously.” Now, I don’t want to be anyone’s parent, or accountant for that matter, but hearing that made me think only one thing: that for the past 6 months, she hasn’t saved a damn penny. Ok, so now that we know that she’s broke, I’d like to mention something else. Yesterday in the mail she got her GA car registration. Think about that for a second. Don’t you have to be a GA resident to get GA plates? Yup, and guess what she put as an address. So, now she’s broke AND she thinks she’s living here. When Jason gets home I think I’m going to talk to him about it. I mentioned it last week and he assured me that she was both looking for an apartment and saving money. Somehow I don’t think either is happening. This is rediculous. How long would any other normal person leech off of friends. I mean, if I had absolutely no place to go and Chip offered to let me sleep on his couch, I’d make a point to be out of there after a week or so. Maybe it’s just my pride, but I just don’t think it’s right to live on someone’s couch to the point that you’re using their address on your official documents. Arg. I need to blow some shit up. I’ll be playing Counter-Strike if anyone needs me.