Well, today was certainly varied in its emotional elements. First off, I was able to get my loan paperwork pushed back until November so that should give my loans plenty of time to get their stupid asses into order. So, that was good. Second, I went to class at 3:00 and had a fairly useful critique. I was told that only a few of my images that I’m currently proud of are “professional” enough to make it into my final “job-seeking” portfolio. BUT, that those images are pretty good and I should definatly keep them in my portfolio. So, that was a bit of a mixed bag. Positive I suppose, but a little disheartening knowing now the work, or rather the level of work, that I must maintain in order to have a kick-ass portfolio. It’s something to aspire to I suppose. It’s also good to finally hear a solid, honest critique of my work. I needed it and it was appreciated. Lastly, on the way home after having a more or less good day, I get a flat. This sucks for two reasons: A) because I hate flat tires and hate changing them even more and B) that since we got the “sports” package for the Matrix, these are expensive “touring” tires and will cost an ass-load to replace if they’re unable to simply patch them. So, at 9am tomorrow, I’ll be at Savannah Toyota seeing about my tire. I’m 99% sure that it should be covered under my “new car” insurance plan. You know, one of those “10,000 mile power-train, maintence warenty” mumbojumbo things. I’ll have to dig the paperwork out in the morning. After that I get to go to history class where I’m sure I’ll fall asleep, shortly followed by my photo class where I’ll be laughed at for having shitty work. Well, not shitty, just not as good as I’d like. Oh well, no sense in crying over spilled milk. So, off to bed I go, to sleep off another fun filled day in the life of Matt. G’night