Well, it’s a soft spot as far as being a consumer whore goes. Video games I’m afraid, are my weakness. It’s no surprise that I happen to like an industry that is treated by the public in much the same way that it’s customers are treated: with snubbed noses and raised eyebrows. Lawmakers continually lead crusades against video game makers in an attempt to censor or outright destroy the one thing we have left that makes us geeks happy. I’m a geek. I use the term proudly. In schools across the world, geeks are misunderstood and frowned apon. Any child who knows more about a computer than an adult simply must be “odd” or “warped” in some way. The truth is that we’re smarter than you and you’re scared shitless but you don’t want to admit it. “You” being a general term for “The Man” (see last entry below for an explanation of “The Man”). We, the average geek, have the hand eye coordination of a ninja, the brain power of a rocket scientist and the cool dry wit of Bruce Willis and Harison Ford combined. We can and will reciet the front side bus speeds of our graphics cards on a whim and can tell you the model numbers for the entire arsenal in Counter-Strike. We will bitch-slap you with our AK-47s from half-way across de_dust. You will take it and like it. We are geeks. We game, therefor we are.


Ok, maybe that was a bit much. The point is that UT2k3 was released secretly to some retailers Saturday and pre-orders have already been shipped. According to UPS tracking, my personal pre-order shall be here tomorrow (Monday). For the rest of you that means that tomorrow (also Monday) you’d better get your arses down to your friendly neighborhood Electronic Boutiques or CompUSAs and pick up a copy if you haven’t done so already. You can expect a full and complete review sometime tomorrow night. Well… maybe. I might be too busy blowing shit up to stop drooling let alone form complete and coherent thoughts tomorrow night so we’ll just leave that review as a possibility. Definatly by mid-week.