Yesterday Lauren and I took a little road trip to Charleston to visit her friend Ashely. It was quite a nice trip until we stopped to have some dinner. We were eating at your typical micro-brewery-turned-into resturant type place. You know, those places that only serve their own beer and usually have good BBQ. Anyway, as our food was arriving the waiter reached over the table to hand me my plate and knocked an entire class of iced tea into my lap. It was cold and a bit unpleasent. I did my best to not strangle anyone, after all, it was only an accident. It’s not like it was something that was going to stain my clothes or cause perminet injury. So, semi-smiling through my teeth, I cleaned myself off and sat back down. To my amazement the waiter never came back over to appologize, merely asking if there was anything else he could do for us. He didn’t even tell our waitress (he was just the guy that brought that food out). Not only that but he didn’t tell a manager or any one else for that matter. Now, this may sound bad, but if I get a drink spilled into my lap I expect a piece of pie or something. I got nothing. Barely even an appology. Where’s my pie damnit! At least give me a free drink, free desert, something. I don’t expect to get a free dinner, but some pie would be nice. Oh well. Can’t win’em all.

Anyway, Nagle just called and asked if we wanted to go see 1 Hour Photo, so I might go do that. Later.