I saw a post on Tess’ journal and I started thinking about it for a bit. Problem is that after I was “done” thinking about it I tried to go to sleep. My brain apparently disagreed with me and continued to think about it. So, here I am, 2am and making a post to my web page when I should be sleeping. Oh well.

“There are tons of things that make me happy that I take for granted; like friends, family, good health, a place to live, food to eat, a job, both my legs, etc. But there are also tons of little things that I tend to overlook. So, beyond the obvious, these are the little things that I am grateful for/that make me happy:”

-old black and white movies
-vanilla coke
-the fact I never grew up
-a good sense of sarcasm
-hot apple pie
-having a girlfriend that likes my geek-ness
-autumn air
-ultimate frisbee
-being independent
-Mexican food
-huge Margarittas (see above)
-the smell of photo chemicals in the morning
-comfortable shoes
-Dunkin’ Donuts
-Fenway Park and the Boston Red Sox
-watching play-off hockey

I guess thats about all I can think of for the moment. I’m going to sleep now.