I suppse that’s sort of like “Sweet and Lowdown.” Whatever. Well, today I get to take it easy but stress my brains out over my shoot tomorrow. I don’t have to go to class until 4:30 this afternoon and when I do it’s only for about 15 minutes. After that however, I have to run around the city and gather items for my photo shoot tomorrow. I have to find 2 pieces of frosted plexiglass, a red backdrop and chocolate covered strawberries. Odds are I won’t find the strawberries so I’ll have to make some, which of course involves a trip to the supermarket. I also need to pick up some chocolate pudding incase the dipping chocolate doesn’t work out. You see, I’m taking a picture of chocolate covered strawberries, very close up, with delicate lighting and a red background. According to my teacher it’s harder than it seems. That has me worried. I’ve had some tricky shoots before, but when the teacher says “wow, you like a challege huh?” it begins to worry me. I also need to buy some Poloroid (for test shots) from the school store since my B&H order won’t be here until Oct 1st. The problem with the school store is that it’s insainly overpriced (just like ALL school stores). We’re charged $15 a roll of Fuji Provia 120, a $5 roll of film. It’s rather aggrivating.

So, anyways, here it is 11:15am and I’m sitting around the apartment in my PJs debating which Hot Pocket to have for lunch, stressing about a photoshoot tomorrow. What a life. Everybody should be an artist. If you can deal with an insane amount of stress for 1 or 2 days a week, you get the rest of the week to relax and preplan your next stressful activity.

Oh, and I’ve got a few random links for you guys:

Nagle (or for anyone else if they feel like converting Mac icons to PC) I found a random little place for some OSX icons. Check out XIcons.com. And speaking of Mac stuff, there’s an OSX Dockbar in development for WinXP over at AquaSoft. They also have PC versions of iTalk, Aqua Finder, Aqua Browser, OSX Mail, iAppControls, and even a replacement version of “About this Mac” instead of your normal PC “General Info” tab.

Just thought I’d share. Later.