As most of you probably already know, a final version of Winamp 3 was released today. Normally, a huge update to the most popular audio player in existance would be a good thing, but this has been slightly aggrivating. Not because of the player itself, but because of Deviant Art. The program itself is a might fine piece of work but any skinable program worth its salt obviously needs the skins to back it up. The skinning system has been public for quite some time but only a few skinners have stepped up to the plate to make interesting and useful skins. The problem is amplified by Deviant Arts unfortunate harddrive falure. The crash has yet to be recovered from and 95% of the archives at Deviant Art are unusable. So, whats a boy to do? Well, make his own, that’s what. Months ago, when WA3 was only a whisper, Chris and I thought that this would finally be our great leap into skinning. I’d create the graphics and he’d code the XML for us. Well… I’m insainly close to getting Photoshop rockin and starting on my very first project. Look out world, here comes Matt and Chris… that is, if Chris is still interested.