I hate being sick. Especially when I’m not really “sick” just “feeling like ass.” While Lauren was here she developed a bit of a cough and now I think I’m coming down with it as well. My throat has been hurting for a few days now and I’ve started to get a little bit of a cough. Nothing major mind you and nothing thats so debilitating that I need to stay in bed for a week, but it’s enough to have me sucking on cough drops and drinking lots of OJ.

I don’t really have much going on at the moment so it’s not like I’m staying home for work or anything. Adecco hasn’t called in 2 weeks so I’ve pretty much given up on them. When I feel up to it I’ll go back to helping my Dad as a carpenter. For the moment though, I’m content to sit here and work on designs for webpages. Sites such as BlogProject.com for instance. I’ve taken a new direction with the design at the moment. Before I was working under the “it’s going to be fantastic” ideal where as now I’ve switched to the “wouldn’t it be nice to have something done before christmas” approach. I’ve simplified things I bit and will be going with a simple “top and both sides” design. It’ll look nice, but it’ll be simple for the moment until creative vision strikes me and I redesign it. Once I’m finished I’ll pass it along to either Chip or Chris who will add whatever content system we’ll be using. Most likely Moveable Type since thats what we’ve all been using lately.

That is all.