Randomness across the w3 (www) today.

Seems Chip has updated and switched Chocobo.cx over to Moveable Type. Huzah for him. I guess after poking at him and showing him how it works he must have taken a likening to it. Now if only we could get him to switch his personal journal. heheheh.

Also, sadly, NeoWin closed its doors temporarily yesterday. One of my personal favorite sites for windows, software and game news. They’ll be missed until their return.

Lastly, after seeing one last night, I want one of these more than ever. I want the G4 PowerBook with a huge-ass studio display. Hot damn!

Laugh… it is funny.

Also funny… sad in a “we’ll sue for anything nowadays” sort of way, but funny.

Lastly, it’s Photoshop Friday over at Something Awful. Go see what depravity they’ve come up with this week. I believe we have parodies of CD covers this time around.