Well, as luck would have it, my family is going away this weekend. Thursday through Sunday. Apparently they haven’t gotten enough baseball yet and are looking more more. There’s some tournament down on the Cape that they’ve been selected to be in. I say “good for them, great for me.” That means I get another three days of peace and quiet. My cold/allergies/sickeness has gotten better so I may actually be able to enjoy the weekend without being drugged up on Nyquil.

As for today, I might wonder over to EB and see what they have for a release date of UT2003. Every website that mentions it has a completely different date. Some say “next week” while some say Jan/Feb 2003. In the latest interview with the head designer he said we should have it “before it gets cold” which I take to mean September-ish.

Oh, and I almost forgot, last night I ordered a GearGrip Pro from Thinkgeek. I made sure I ordered the “large size” which it says will hold a full tower. We’ll see. That should ease my travels back and forth to Saturday’s game night.