I want it. Bad. OSX that is. Every time I see pictures of the dock bar or use it at school it makes me want to throw this stupid Windows box out the window and buy a TiBook. But, can’t we all just get along? What if… and this is a big if… what if we could get a dock-like app launcher for Windows? That would be nice right? There’s hundred and millions of shell replacements for Windows because people are tired of the bloated crapware that is Explorer. Why not one that acts like OSX? Wait, even better, you don’t need a full shell-replacement, just an actual usable applications launcher. There’s a few of those around right? Object Bar from the guys that made Windows Blinds is one that I can think of off the top of my head. I know for a fact there bunches of taskbar-ish replacements. How about something in between. An taskbar/quicklaunch bar that looks like the OSX dock. It shouldn’t be that hard. Well, a couple of kids over in the Neowin forums gave it a shot in HTML. Check this out. At the moment its just HTML but if you save it locally and turn Windows Active Desktop on it could work rather well. Now, personally, I think Active Desktop is a HUGE waste of system resources so for me this just isn’t a solution. The developer is apparently trying to do a little coding and trying to make a working application version of it. I can’t wait for that. That, coupled with my OSX Logon, Boot Screen, XP Theme and icon packs should make this little PC look very Mac-ish. And unless $3000 falls into my lap, thats the closest I’m getting to a new laptop anytime soon. So, can you tell I’m a little excited about the basic concept of this?