Lauren asked me today about PDAs and it got me thinking. I never really thought about a PDA that I might want. It was always one of those “extra” things that I figured I’d never have the money for. Kind of like “nice things”, I’ll probably never have “nice things”, but I can dream. Anyway, I started thinking about it and I can’t really pick a single PDA that I’d single out as “the one I would want”. Sure, there’s the iPaq which is nice, has great baseline features but a huge price tag ($500-750). More towards the land of realism, we have the Sony Clie and Palm Pilots. If I was to get a Clie, I’d probably get the new SJ20. It’s the best black and white one and it’s still much cheaper than the lowest color one. Color would be nice but not nessisary. Plus it uses Sony Memory sticks, which are probably one of the most widely used of the “stick memory” formats. If going with a Palm, I’d probably get the m130. I don’t know why… I just kind of like it.

Then there’s digital cameras. I like them all. Probably too much. I divide my camera choices up into “fun” and “professional”. Obviously any professional digital equipment I get will be insainly expensive and probably pretty damn cool. But what about those times I don’t want to drag $10,000 worth of equipment around? What would I get “for fun?” Well, I’d probably go with a Canon Powershot S330 or it’s cheaper 2nd cousin, the S200. Or maybe I might go for Nikon CoolPix 2500. I wouldn’t really trust any camera company that doesn’t know how to make a good normal camera to start with which is why I’d stick with those two (Nikon or Canon). If I had to pick something else, I might (maybe) possibly be persuaded to go with a Sony. Only because I trust their electronics expertise and they’re usually reliable. So, a Cybershot DSC-P71 might not be out of the question.

All those cameras are also as expensive if not more so than any PDA I’d pick up so I’m not quite sure what would be more worth while. Of course my ultimate electronics purchase at the moment would still be the Apple Titanium Powerbook. No question about that. But, that’s such a pipe dream that it’ll probably never happen. Not unless someone is willing to give me a serious heap of cash or be willing to sponsor me in some patron sort of way. I’d be willing to trade photography skills for nifty toys! Oh well. Hey, there’s always the lotto right?

If anyone has any suggestions about a PDA, please let me know. I know most of you already have one and I’m interested in knowing how much they’re actually useful and which one you would get if you had to get a new one. Later.