I’m an idiot. I passed up the Beta test on Battlefield 1942 a few months ago and now I’m completely in awe of this game. I downloaded the demo yesterday and have been playing it ever since. This game is Counter Strike, Day of Defeat, and a MMOG (Massive Multiplayer Online Game) all rolled into one. The premise is simple but the execution is anything but. In the multiplayer game you start out by choosing one of five classes (scout, medic, engineer etc) and choosing a spawn point (the place you start the game from). From there you have a multitude of options. For example, you could run to the front lines and help your buddies battle the bad guys, or you could man a tank and blast an enemy convoy, or hop into a plane and strafe the battlefields or give air support to the ground troops. The possibilties are endless and that’s the point. By giving everyone the chance to do everything, you expand the replay and “fun” factors of the game a hundred fold. I personally love driving the jeeps around full throttle, aiming them at oncoming emeny troops and jumping out at the last minute. It gets’em everytime, especially when they’re starting to advance on your position and you don’t have to many options left. Hehehe. Anyway, this game is a serious contender for “free time killer of the year”, at least for me. I’ll wait until Unreal Tournament 2003 is released to make a final call on that one, but it’s certainly up there on my “games to buy as soon as it’s released” list.