Well, it seems that things have been moved around a bit. Originally, to avoid the holliday weekend traffic, I was going to be leaving for Savannah on Tuesday. That’s changed. We’re now leaving on Sunday… maybe. You see, no one really knows for sure or is willing to give me any actual details. Everyone is in a “we’ll see what happens” state of mind and it’s starting to piss me off. If I’m leaving on Sunday, I need to know now so I can pack. If not, I’ll start packing this weekend. I also need to know if I have a dentist appointment or not. My jaw still hurts very badly and every time I bring it up I get a “not now” response. Well, fuck me, but when would be a good time? This is how my household works and has worked for quite some time. Even today I had to get up at 7am and drive the mini-van to the garage because it has some “issues”. I’m not told what issues it has, how long it’ll be there for, if I’ll need to pick it up, etc. So, my mom took the Matrix, my dad’s working, my brother is downstairs cutting his own hair (don’t ask) and I’m sitting upstairs wondering if I should bother putting my laundry in my dresser or if I should be packing it. I can’t find the boxes I brought stuff home in. I’m hungry, I’m tired and I’m friggin’ pissed off. Arg. I think this is one of those “low blood sugar” type of days. Ok, calming down… I’m better now. I just needed to vent a little. I’m a bit stressed out and so is everyone else. Everything will work out, it always does. Somehow that doesn’t work as well when you’re trying to tell yourself that though. Oh well. I’ve got some laundry to do, then I’ll find some lunch. After that I should probably clean out the Oldsmobile and start packing things that aren’t clothes. Saturday I’ll pack the computer and the clothes and then start packing the car. What fun.