Today was deck building day. Huray! The process of building a deck involves many things. Among them: hammers, nails, wood, sweat, physical injury and profanity… in that order. Ok, so it’s not the end of the world, but hitting your thumb with a hammer hurts like you would not believe, unless of course you’ve done it before, in which case you can more than understand the profanity. My belief is, that if you hit yourself with a hammer and you don’t utter some form of explative… you’ve got anger issues. Regardless, work was done on the deck. A few days and it should be done. Whether I’m there for it’s completion is of course, up in the air. Adecco, those tits, have yet to call me back. It’s not for lack of trying however, I’ve called them three times a day for three days.

So, now I’m home, sweaty, dirty and smelling like sawdust. At least my tan is improving I suppose. If you can call “bright red” a tan that is.