Well… Harvard was nifty. Of course it was going to be nifty whether anyone visited it or not, but it was pretty cool just the same. For all those SCAD kids who have never actually been to Harvard (or Boston), picture this: Forsythe Park, with buildings ON IT instead of around it, then surround that with a huge ass wall, then continue your normal Savannah-ness around it. They have one of those “quads” in the middle of their campus is basically what I’m getting at here. Also, SCAD students apparently get the shaft (not like I didn’t see this coming) when it comes to the “little points” of college life. For example, our campus cafeterias aren’t open 24/7, we don’t have a 14 million volume library and most importantly, we don’t have a Newbury Comics NEXT DOOR! Ok, ok, so we can’t realistically get a Newbury Comics, but it’s pretty neat anyhow. There are of course other cool aspects of Harvard but if you’re aware of Harvards reputation, I probably don’t need to explain any of them to you, you probably have a fairly good imagination.

Speaking of Newbury Comics… no good Boston trip would be complete without a visit. This time my wallets downfall was a rare Renaissance import that I found for $9. A nice little tripple CD set mixed by BT, Dave Seaman and David Morales. It’s nice.

Also, before I jump into my PJs and thusly become oblivious to the world, I would like to suggest we give these guys a medal. Or perhaps just Tycho. Seriously. I don’t think I could ever agree more with a fellow gamers stance when it comes to things like this: (discussing record companies)

They’re fucked. They are fully cognizant of the fucking. So instead of competing with each other to produce a new product or service, to plant a bold flag in new territory, they form this cartel, perhaps cabal is a better term, and they’ve got the bankroll to pulp anyone you’d care to name – let alone Bob Shoutcast over here on Port 8000, whose twenty friends simply appreciate his choice in music.

I do appologize for directly quoting as I know it tends to aggrivate them, and rightly so, but I felt this further helps illustrate my point as to how completely and totally screwed everyone is if these things actually start to firm up. Please, for the love of all that is computing, don’t buy into this new technology crap. I won’t start into another tangent on this tonight because I know how lengthy it could become. I will, instead, take a shower, put on my PJs, kick back and listen to a little BT. Later.

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