That’s right, good old [GK!] representing last night on the F.O.R severs. Jason, Chip and myself were in fine form for last nights gaming. For those of you who don’t know, [GK!] stands for “Gooey Kablooie” which is the name of our “clan.” I’ve never really liked the term “clan” since it conjours up thoughts of inbred rednecks in white robes so I usually just use the word “team.” It sounds better. So, my team and I had some long overdue fun. It was enjoyable.

Not only was it enjoyable… but we’re damn good too. After the server updated it’s stats page last night, it turns out that Chip is ranked 10th for the entire server and I’m right behind at 12th. [GK!] also took home 2nd place as a whole.

You can check out the stats page here or, if I took a screen shot of it, just in case the ranks changed. That’s here.