What a fantastic day in carpentry land. For the rest of us however, life sucked. Not only did I work ALL DAY on a damn deck, but I got a sunburn, dehydrated and pissed off. It also rained. Did I mention the rain? Yes, there was a lot of it and it fell… on me. There was wind, lightning and shit flying around. It was fun. I should probabaly mention that we’re building a deck with untreated, unsealed, non-pressure treated wood. We’re also building it next to a giant metal rimmed swimming pool. So, when rain comes we have to first cover the deck with a tarp and then run like hell in case the pool gets hit by lightning. It was also 90 degrees and humid before to decided to rain. It was a very pleasent day of building indeed.

I’m so very very done with just about everything at the moment. Done, as in “fed up with” and not “completely cooked” that is. Those stupid SOBs at Adecco are pretty much ignoring my calls at this point, I’m building a deck for spending money which I’m saving instead, I have no job prospects, no experience, no skills. What the fuck am I doing with my life? Can someone tell me? Because I obviously haven’t figured it out yet. To top it all off, my folks even engaged in a little “career advice” today. Advice consisting of “we’re worried about your choice of profession.” Gee, thanks. Like I didn’t need someone else telling me I’m a stupid fuck up. I do that enough on my own thanks.

Screw it. I’m going to bed. Then I’m going to call Lauren. The one person who still manages to believe in me.