I’m also still torn on

I’m also still torn on whether I should get the nvidia board or the KT333. Every review I’ve found seems to think the KT333 is the best thing since canned meat. Nothing bad was said about the nvidia board as well. Both board have high marks and seem to be stable. The only major differences is obviously the chipsets, the memory size and the ATA133 support. The nvidia has a larger memory capacity but the KT333 chipset has ATA133 support. Plah. I hate not knowing this crap. I should read more reviews.

Carry on…

See, this is what happens

See, this is what happens when you do to much research: you get torn between options. This quandry is with hard drives. In my mind, there’s only two options: The IBM DeskStar 120GXP or the Western Digital 1200JB. Both offer blazing fast 7200rpm rotation speeds, both have an average seek time under 9 ms. The only signifigant differences I can see are the buffer sizes and operating limitations. The WD has a massive (almost SCSI sized) 8MB buffer with the IBM only having a 2MB. Also, the IBM has a 333 hour monthly power on limitation recomendation. Not that I’d be leaving my puter on that long but it’s just a node against stability in my opinion. However, seek times with the WD are almost slow enough to make it an issue. Sure, average seek times are 8.9ms for the 8.5 for the IBM, but the seperation in “Track to Track” and “Average Seek (write)” offer an advantage for the IBM camp. I dunno. The IBM is fast as shit but the WB has a huge huge buffer. Both offer speed, both offer space. The question comes down to the “little things.”

And staying with this photography

And staying with this photography inspired afternoon, I decided I might as well show you guys some of my recent stuff.

These are merely contact sheet scans, so please excuse the really bad quality. The scratches and marks are from the glass contact printer, not the actual negatives. These are just here to give you an idea of what this stuff looks like.


These are quickcam shots to show you exactly why I’m scanning the contact sheets and not the prints… cause they’re friggin’ huge. 20×24 or bigger to be exact. Check out the size of my hand and/or my head as compared to the size of the print in my hand. Cool huh?

Studio work… yes… that IS a giant Playstation
Jason, jumping.

I had to write a

I had to write a little paper on my “personal style” for photo class. I figured I’d share. I appologize for the length, I tend to ramble. It’s an interesting read if I do say so myself. It’s just me, being honest about my lack of “artistic vision” and that I’m perfectly fine having that way. Enjoy.

This is creepy… with OpenSecrets.Org,

This is creepy… with OpenSecrets.Org, now we can see exactly who donated what to who. For example, we can see who from California donated $1000 or more to Bush’s campaign fund. Or who’s supporting gun rights from Maine. Kinda creepy. You can cross reference all that good stuff with another site called TheyRule.Net and see exactly who’s on the boards of major companies. This way, we can see what major corporations are contributing to what major factions. Check it out and see exactly how creepy the nations “top percert” really are.

I know this sounds bad… but it’s about friggin’ time. I never liked that damn group anyway. Color me insensitive I suppose.

Woo… Things to kill time… Angry Monkey, Thanuka and good ol’ Opie and Anthony.

Damn, I wish I could design this well… k10k.net